Бена Аффлека постигло жестокое разочарование
In the life of an actor began a series of misfortunes.

Ben Affleck


became known, the last film 44-year-old Ben Affleck – his brainchild the “Law night”
which he not only played a major role, but was not comprehended in
hire a resounding failure. About it reported the Internet-the website specializing
news movie variety.com.

“The law
night” – crime drama that unfolds in America
since the “dry law,” was launched over two weeks ago. But this time
she collected only $ 16.5 million. And Finance
his Warner Bro put in
its production is about 65 million dollars, and a few dozen
million – in its promotion. And count on the fact that the amount of fees
will increase significantly due to the worldwide release, is not necessary. After all, as
practice shows, this kind of movie is not too popular outside of the US.
As a result, according to experts, this movie will make the Studio about 75 million

it not only did not like ordinary viewers, it is more than cool
appreciated and also critics. And last
blow to Affleck, whose wife in the summer of 2015 announced his desire to divorce him, was a reaction to his other movie — “Batman vs. Superman:
dawn of justice”. If the “Law of the night”, to the extreme disappointment of Ben, not
was awarded not one nomination for “Oscar”, “Batman…” got more
half a dozen nominations is not an honorary award “Golden raspberry”! This movie
claims for victory in eight categories. Among them — “the Worst film” of the year and
“Worst actor in a leading role” (where the main contender is Ben).

by the way, according to experts, the failure of “Batman and…” jeopardizes the participation
Affleck in another movie about the same superhero, the shooting of which had
to begin this year.