Ben Affleck took Jennifer garner with kids in London

Бен Аффлек увез Дженнифер Гарнер с детьми в Лондон
The couple decided to divorce, spend more time together.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner with kids

Photo: Splash News/East news

The relationship of Ben Affleck and
Jennifer garner, to the amazement of many,
becoming more peaceful nature. Latest news: Jennifer with children
went to the UK. The actress sacrificed her own plans to be with Ben who is making a long shooting in
another superhero movie “Justice League: Part one”. Ben had rented for his family home in North London. It is close
the Studio “Leavesdon Studios”, which will host the film. So Affleck will be able to spend every free minute with the kids and still the lawful wife.

Plans Jennifer and
Ben officially terminate the relationship starts to look more and more strange. The divorce process is already underway, and the relations of the spouses are now better than they were
before Affleck’s infidelity to his wife with the nanny kids Christina Uzunyan. But when passions subsided a bit, the couple began to communicate as if and not
it was that horrible scandal. Moreover, as it became known, Affleck most of the time disagreements continued to live in the same house with garner and their three children. Moreover, was not the farthest room in the annexe and the room next door with
bedroom Jennifer!

Recently, however, Affleck still moved, but not far. He rented a nearby house, owned
Brooke shields, and now he’s paying 35 thousand dollars a month. In short, the story of Ben and
Jennifer begins to resemble a strange divorce Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Those recently concluded their divorce process, and don’t think
to leave. They and before the divorce had been together all weekend and holidays. And
now, when Chris began a concert tour of South America, Gwyneth children followed him.

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