Ben Affleck threw the girl for whom he divorced his wife

Бен Аффлек бросил девушку, ради которой развелся с женой
The actor will spend the holiday with Jennifer garner.

Бен Аффлек бросил девушку, ради которой развелся с женой

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Suckas


Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner


It seems that Ben Affleck has decided to part with his mistress Lindsay Suckas. Anyway,
he left new York, leaving his lover alone. And the paparazzi already
time to see Lindsay walking the streets alone, and very dark

Meanwhile, Affleck himself is now in Los Angeles, and mood
he is excellent. In a recent interview, he talked about his plans for the celebration
Thanksgiving, which traditionally is celebrated in the United States in the fourth
Thursday Nov. Affleck decided to spend it with my family — Jennifer garner,
which is yet formally to be his wife, and children — 5-year-old son Sam and
daughters — 11-year-old violet and 8-year-old Serafini. “We all get together on this day. And
will definitely go to visit my best friend Matt Damon!” Ben took the time to say a few kind words
about Jennifer garner, congratulating her, once again, what she is amazing
mother. But on Lindsay it his speech even
not mentioned…

Incidentally, Hollywood gossips claim that Suckas, large
loves to drink, has for Affleck the most detrimental effect. Ben, who
this year has been admitted to the hospital to be treated for alcoholism, has experienced this
summer breakdown, starting to drink again. And it happened allegedly under the influence of Chukas,
the company with which he saw it several times — procuring bottles of liquor. So maybe Ben has finally come
to the conclusion that he should not be in such danger for society. The
more than that very soon he will start a new shooting in the film “Batman”, for
what does he again have to don the superhero costume.