Ben Affleck spoke about the changes in his personal life

Бен Эффлек рассказал о переменах в личной жизни
Jennifer Gardner is ready to forgive husband cheating.

Ben Affleck


When Jennifer garner filed for divorce, no doubt, that there is no turning back — because her husband Ben Affleck was having an affair with the nanny of their children, but still almost in their presence. But a little over a year, and apparently, Ben and Jennifer decided to get back together. Even their friends are surprised — is this possible?

Perhaps garner would have long ago put an official end to this story, but recently joined the case, Affleck’s mother, Chris Ann, have a very strong influence on his son and daughter-in-law. As it turned out, she literally forbade spouses to divorce, not yet exhausted all possibilities of reconciliation. Chris said that for children Jennifer must be a high understanding and wisdom of women in order to glue what was left of a broken marriage. Say, wise Jen still listened to the advice of mother-in-law…

And he is Ben Affleck, who did not comment the information about divorce, now admitted that his life is finally on the cusp of positive change.

“I learned to be thankful for loved ones and much more than before, enjoy your success, — said Ben. — I became more appreciate what you have: I have three wonderful children, they have the best mother, and I am a very lucky man…”

Those words made fans of the actor believe that the full reconciliation between Ben and Jennifer is not far off. Although now the situation in the family of actors is confusing. It seems that they sometimes live under the same roof in his huge mansion in Los Angeles… one thing is Clear — Affleck have to prove to garner that he was not only willing, but also able to change for the better…

The full interview with the actor here.