Бен Аффлек проводит время с моделью Playboy

In the media there was a lot of evidence that Ben Affleck broke up with sweetheart Lindsay Sukus. What is with July a pair was not seen together — is not known. Many assume that Lindsay decided not to communicate with a guy after it became known about the non-dissolved marriage Affleck and his wife Jennifer garner. Against this backdrop, more fueled the rumors of the exit of the actor and Playboy model Shauna Sexton.

Nothing that could indicate a romantic relationship between the actor and the model was not: the couple was walking at some distance from each other, no kisses, no flirting.

15 Aug Ben celebrated his 46th birthday with his children from his marriage to Jennifer garner: violet, Serafini and Samuel. But Lindsay was gone: neither congratulations nor appearance. She even deleted the account in instagram.

Lindsay previously told about the changes in her life after the relationship with Ben. She works as a producer of the TV show Saturday Night Live and not yet accustomed to the changes in her life. “My whole career behind the camera, and I was very comfortable. I’m a producer, mother, friend, and now I believe a public person, which is very strange and funny for me,” said the companion of the actor.

Recall that Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck continue to get together for the holidays and spend time with the children. At Easter, Jennifer, along with son Sam and daughters violet and Serafini flew to Hawaii to visit Ben on set. The paparazzi shared a series of photos depicting all members of the family, walking in the Park Sealife Park in Honolulu. At that time, the children frolicked in nature, studying animals under the supervision of the guide, Ben and Jennifer sweet deal. Immediately after Jennifer left the kids with dad and went to the hotel, where he lived alone.