Ben Affleck may withdraw from the filming of “Batman”

Бен Аффлек может отказаться от съёмок «Бэтмена»

Many critics have long agreed that the Director-Ben Affleck is much better than having actor Ben Affleck.

In the new project Batman he will have the opportunity to Express themselves in both capacities. However, whether Ben’s part in the creation of a new “Batman” so far unknown. Can’t answer this question yet, and Affleck himself. Says the Hollywood star, there are certain conditions, which are able to influence it. First of all he must like the script.

“The situation is this: the project is still questionable, and the script is not ready yet. If it does not work the way I want to see him, I’ll shoot”, says Ben.

It is important to note that the script of the new “Batman” — also the work of Affleck. Will write if he has something that he may not like? We doubt it.

Affleck himself known in Hollywood as a big fan of the superhero from Gotham city, says he does not want to rush the process of writing the script to keep the light featureless film.

Earlier it was announced that the star of the TV series “True blood” and the movie “magic Mike” Joe Manganiello will star in a “Batman” in the role of a mercenary Deathstroke — one of the eternal enemies of Batman, almost equal to him in strength. Warner Bros. has moved the premiere of the second part of the movie “Justice League” to ensure that potential project, Affleck will be favorable rolling window.

We will remind, in 2016, the premiere of the film “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice”. Here for the first time the role of Batman was played by Ben Affleck.

“It was a unique approach to Batman, which nevertheless was contrary to mythology. I was interested in. Suddenly I had the understanding of the character. When people see the film, it would make more sense than it does now or even than it is for me initially. Don’t want to give details, but the idea in the new Batman is to not try to compete with Batman Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan, but to exist in the Canon. Our version is older and wiser, especially in terms of its comparison with Superman Henry Cavill” — said Affleck about his character.