Бен Аффлек сделал скандальное признание
It became known where the missing actor.

Ben Affleck


recently Ben Affleck made a statement that disappointed many of his fans. 44-year-old actor
admitted that he suffers from alcoholism. However, he shared his good news: it turns out, Ben received treatment and hopes for a full recovery. About it
the publication reported dailymaiul.co.uk.

“I want to announce that I’ve completed the treatment for alcohol dependence. I have had
to deal with this problem in the past, and I intend to continue fighting it in
future. Want to live life to the fullest and be a good father for my children. I don’t
afraid to talk about your problem, because I think that is not a shame to ask for
help when you need it!” said Affleck.

said that the first time came to the clinic in 2001-m to year. He was there because lost is suddenly overtaken by his glory. In 1998 Ben was awarded the “Oscar” for the film “Good will hunting”. The actor was only 26 years old. “I then
migrated from one party to another and lost all the landmarks in
life,” recalls Affleck.

the actor explained, striving to end alcohol dependence is based more on bitter experience it
own childhood. Ben’s father was
a hopeless drunkard, this was the reason for the divorce of his parents. Affleck
remembers how he suffered from the behavior of the father, and does not want to allow in the same situation were his own children.

well I understand that now commit on your way to fix just the first one.
step, but I hope to go through them all. After all, I was very lucky — I have a love and
the support of my family!” — assured Ben.
However, he said that Jennifer garner, who back in the summer of 2015, announced his
intention to divorce him, and not brought to an end the procedure of divorce, had
him in his fight invaluable help. And for that, extremely grateful.