Бен Аффлек загладил подарком обиду, нанесенную любовнице
The actor was generous to a “present” for Lindsay Suckas.

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Suckas


Recently Ben Affleck, who is currently
divorcing Jennifer garner, tried to do everything to make her
guilty mistress. The fact that the actor, who last week
45 years old, was not invited Lindsay
Sukas on your holiday.

The party, held to commemorate the birthday
the actor in the popular Barton G restaurant, located in
East Hollywood, was very fun. Ben invited all of his three children — 11-year-old violet, 8-year-old Seraphina and 5-year-old son Samuel,
who came to the school accompanied by his nanny. According to reports,
Jennifer garner also briefly looked into the restaurant to give to the birthday boy
purchased her another morning of the same day the cake. However, her paparazzi to take pictures

However, his mistress, with whom he began
to meet this year, Ben is on holiday not invited, as he told one
of her friends, terribly offended Suckas. To make amends for his act, a couple of days
later, Affleck went with Lindsay in
luxury jewelry store – Barneys, where, according to witnesses of their visit, Suchas
chose a very expensive necklace, which Ben paid. After that
Lindsay walked out of the store with a beaming smile on her face. As you can see, a generous gesture on Ben
has borne fruit.

that Ben and Lindsey meet, became known in early July, when they
for the first time, not hiding from reporters, came out together. Aflleck staged
for Suckas romantic dinner at a trendy Hollywood restaurant Giorgio Baldi. And
after that there were witnesses who told that the pair had appeared together and
before — but not in America, and in Britain where they have made a tour of some
time ago. In
London saw them together in the theater, but also in the Indian restaurant
the name Gymkhana.