Ben Affleck keeps in touch with Jennifer Lopez

Бен Аффлек поддерживает отношения с Дженнифер Лопес

Jennifer Lopez, many believe the only love Ben Affleck. Despite the fact that the actor married actress Jennifer garner, with whom he begat three children, secular observers believe that J. Lo is the woman Ben will worship until the end of his days.

Fans of this couple have even expressed the idea that now that Lopez broke up with Smart Casefrom, Affleck needs to step it up and win back her heart. And they did not care that the performer of the role of Batman barely managed to establish good relations with garner.

The other day the oil poured into the fire himself Ben. He said that he still maintains contact with Lopez.

“We really communicate via email. It looks something like this: “Oh, your new movie is great””, said Affleck.

“I remember when she agreed to take part in American idol, I thought it was a very wise decision. I told her about it and wished me luck. I respect it and love it. She managed to overcome some difficulties in my life and I am very pleased that she has achieved that success which she has now,” added the actor.

Recall, Affleck and Lopez met in the early 2000s. in 2002 the star got engaged, and in 2004 broke up.