Ben Affleck is fighting desperately with alcoholism

Бен Аффлек отчаянно сражается с алкоголизмом
The actor is continuing treatment after breakdown.

Бен Аффлек отчаянно сражается с алкоголизмом

Ben Affleck


Paparazzi caught Ben Affleck coming out
the doors of the Center to assist treatment of alcoholism. Seven
months after he underwent an intensive course of treatment at the clinic, he
still forced to resort to the help of doctors to keep their addiction
under control. Moreover, it is claimed, in the summer
Ben again “lost it” and started drinking.

In August of this year, only one week a 45-year-old actor was twice seen in stores,
procuring a substantial amount of alcohol. And look, Ben, it doesn’t matter —
he was unshaven swollen. Moreover, the procurement of wine Affleck — not idle
fiction. The appearance of the actor with his
new mistress Lindsay Suckas in one of the wine shops in Maine, where
currently a resting actor and his girlfriend, was recorded by the cameras
observation. As told by the store Manager, Jenna, Noyes, they bought a few
bottles of champagne and another bottle of spirits. But in less than
a couple of days, as the couple showed up again and again replenish their stocks

With his pristrastiem Affleck fighting
for a long time. In
the first time he was forced to go to the clinic for treatment in the summer of 2001,
the second in the beginning of this year. And because Ben was afraid to return to the previous
the pernicious habit, he was even hired
for a special nurse, so she watched him round the clock…

by the way, immoderate zest to alcohol has contributed to the ruin of his
marriage with Jennifer garner, mother of his three children —11-year-old Violet, 8-year-old
Seraphina and 5-year-old Sam. As for
the new girlfriend of actor Lindsay Sukas, it is claimed, was not the best
choice for a recovering alcoholic Affleck, because she is very partial to
drinking. And friends of the actor fear that her
the company will not provide the best influence on Ben.

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Suckas