Бен Аффлек снова вернулся в рехаб

8 Nov Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner decided questions about child custody and officially divorced. In the relationship of the stars set point. Now begins a new Chapter in their life that Ben and Jennifer have decided to start with a clean slate. Garner is reaping the fruits of their labors, attending social events and enjoying dates with 40-year-old businessman John Miller, and Affleck decided to finally overcome alcohol addiction…again.

Last month, the actor struggled with alcohol addiction in rehabe Malibu 40 days. A month later, he again decided to go back to finish the treatment and get the opportunity to spend time with children. Affleck understands that not able to independently overcome addiction and admitted to friends about the decision to once again seek medical help.

“He was going to be treated on an outpatient basis, but in the end checked in to the hospital. In the clinic he’s staying at a decent number of nights,” the
an insider confirmed to the newspaper The Mirror.

“He understands that this is not just a disease that can be cured at one time. And Ben is willing to work hard to recover. He wants to work and to have the opportunity to see their children and be completely free from their addictions,” added the source.

Recall that garner and Affleck, following the agreement in court, will equally participate in the upbringing of children: to spend time with them, work together to solve problems on education and the future. However, there is one small but. The fact that Affleck is also free to be able to raise three kids — violet, Seraphina and Samuel, but only under the supervision of cameras.

This is done only because the mother of the children should be confident in their safety. Most recently, Affleck was treated for alcohol dependence in rehabe, where, by the way, she Jennifer his and sent. While the actress will not be fully confident in sobriety and stability of the former, the meetings will be under close scrutiny. It is possible to fail again, because alcoholism Ben may not recover for three years. How much time will children spend with each spouse, is not known.

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