Ben Affleck completely cured of alcoholism

Бен Аффлек полностью излечился от алкоголизма

Shortly after the moment Jennifer garner put Ben Affleck out of the house and announced their breakup, fans of the actor have sounded the alarm. It seemed to them that their pet went psycho and turmoil in the family, he tries to fill with alcohol.

The result of this “self” was evident. Affleck is quite often seen in indecent form. Even at the ceremony “Oscar” it came with a swollen face and looked very strange.

Affleck could not hide his addiction, and now, when Jennifer took him back to his family, he wants to do everything not to disappoint her. Ben underwent treatment for alcohol dependence and shared their achievement with the fans. He did it in Facebook. “I want to live so full life as possible, and struggling to try to be a good father, has shared 44-year-old Affleck. I want to show my children that there is nothing shameful to get help if you need it, and inspire others as well need help, but for fear of not making the first step.”

To say that addiction to alcohol is not a problem the last time. The fight with the serpent Ben leads since 2001.