Ben Affleck back on the road to “sobriety”

Бен Аффлек снова на пути к «трезвости»

Бен Аффлек снова на пути к «трезвости»

Ben Affleck recently spent Thanksgiving with his ex-wife Jennifer garner and their three children violet, Serafini and Samuel!

Ben Affleck, 47 years old, is trying very hard to lead a sober way of life, as difficult as it did not come. “Ben’s all right, and it looks good after a relapse,” confirms a source close to the actor. “He is very serious about his sobriety,” added approached Ben after Ben noticed slightly not sober on Saturday, October 26, at the Masquerade ball, UNICEF in West Hollywood. In a video filmed by TMZ, the actor, dressed in a suit and a skull mask seems to be stumbling outside of parties, when he helps a friend. While the evening can be perceived as innocent fun night, the story of Ben’s alcoholism causes concern — especially after the trip of the actor to a rehabilitation center in 2018.

Бен Аффлек снова на пути к «трезвости»

After the incident, Ben regularly spent time with ex-wife Jennifer garner, 47, and their three children violet, 14 years, Serafina, age 10 and Samuel, 7 years. “Ben and Jen worked very hard to be good parents and raise decent children”, added the insider. “They spent Thanksgiving together for their children. For them it was not easy, but the kids were extremely happy. Ben and Jen are very good parents and they are willing to go to great lengths for the sake of their children. Their whole life is circling around children. They always put them first. The day was beautiful and it was a good holiday for the whole family.”
Ben and Jen could write a book about the joint education of children, as they regularly attend football matches in the 10-year Serafina and have the responsibility to pick up the kids from school! The couple, who married in 2005, announced their separation in June 2015 after a decade of marriage. In the end, they filed for divorce in 2017 and completed the process last year.

“It happens, that’s a miss, but I’m not gonna let it get me down,” said Ben later about the incident at the party in honor of Halloween. He, it seems, was not a difficult recovery, as he returned to his duties as a father, when helping the children to decorate the house with Jen on holiday the next morning. Fans of Affleck can only hope that the actor finally wins their addiction and will adjust their personal lives!

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