Бен Аффлек присвоил себе оружие Бэтмена

Ben Affleck previously claimed to have agreed to star in the new Batman film solely for the sake of the little son of Samuel who loves comic superheroes.

But it seems that talking about these reasons, Ben was a bit cunning. This proves the fact that Affleck got the incredible pleasure of shooting in the film and even tried to usurp some of the things the character, which is reincarnated on the screen, but, unfortunately for himself, but was stopped by one of the prop guys.

Of course, my favorite was the Batmobile (Batman’s flying car). But to steal him from shooting would be a bit difficult!” I was told by the actor.

Later Affleck figured out that he house need a superhero weapon – Batarang (boomerang-batenevsky).

Quietly, hiding it in things, Ben was heading for the exit of the pavilion, but it is strongly indicated that he brought the props in place. Frustrated and ashamed Affleck tried to appeal to the film’s Director, Zach Snyder. But he advised Ben not to exacerbate an already awkward situation. However, on reflection, Snyder decided to allow Affleck to save another “souvenir” — a grappling gun Batman — in compensation.

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