Ben Affleck apologized for sexual harassment

Бен Аффлек извинился за сексуальные домогательства

Actor Ben Affle, who recently starred in superheroism the movie “justice League” he spoke negatively about the actions of Harvey Weinstein did not expect that soon he will be responsible for the sex scandal. Unlike some other Directors, Affleck was quick to apologize for their inappropriate actions against the girls in the program The Late Show.

Бен Аффлек извинился за сексуальные домогательства

“I behaved inappropriately towards miss Burton. I offer my deepest apologies,” apologized to the Affleck girls. At the evening show The Late Show the actor was able to Express everything he thinks about accusations in his side. Surprisingly, the actor did not deny the statements of the girls. “One woman accused me that I touched her breast when I embraced her. I don’t remember, but I apologize for his behavior. I don’t think women are lying or making it up. We men should be more careful in their actions. We must not shy away from problems we need to solve them. I believe that women need to feel support from our side. Unfortunately, the problem of sexual violence is not only in Hollywood, but in many other spheres of activity. It’s great when other examples are an inspiration to all victims of violence to find the strength to talk about what happened,” says the actor on afire show.

Like many other actors he has worked with Weinstein. Affleck was shocked by the news. “Along with Harvey Weinstein, we have made such films as “Good will hunting,” “Shakespeare in Love”, which I love. It’s hard for me to imagine that in that time, as we worked on these paintings, others suffered and were abused by him. Now all I can do is donate money from the films we worked together in different organizations to combat violence. I think it will help me to breathe a sigh of relief,” says the actor.

Shocking Hilary Burton, who confessed that many years ago a famous actor molested her. It soon appeared that not one Burton had suffered sexual harassment by Affleck, but also the makeup artist Anne-Marie Tendler.

“I’m sad and I’m angry that the person with whom I worked, used his influence to intimidation, sexual harassment and manipulating women for decades. This is completely unacceptable,” Affleck wrote on his Twitter page, denouncing Weinstein after the publication of information on sexual harassment.