Бен Аффлек и Дженнифер Гарнер приостановили свой развод
The couple wants to keep the family together.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner

Photo: Instagram.com

The news that Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner
decided not to move forward with divorce, delighted fans
the star couple. They have three small children and they were once so happy
together! The news reported the online edition of Us Magazine.

Ben and Jennifer
announced their decision to divorce last summer. However, now, as
it turned out, they decided not to issue a divorce. In fact, such
the turn of events came as no great surprise. Because the whole year not just a couple
spent all holidays and vacations together, but even continued to live in one
house. As she told Jennifer in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, they still inhabit the whole family
in his Los Angeles mansion, which was reportedly worth 17,5
of millions of dollars. However, garner and Affleck don’t sleep in the same room — Ben is
in the guest room.

However, it seems that Ben and Jennifer don’t want to leave
not only for the kids. Anyway, during their trip to Paris in may
this year, they were seen kissing in the bar of the hotel where they were staying. Friends
Affleck argued that Ben is willing to do much to save your marriage, because
she still loves Jennifer.

He had long felt guilty and very sorry about your
behavior — after all, it is his affair with the babysitter Christina Uzunyan became
the last straw that led garner to say last year about his desire
to get a divorce. The whole year he tried to act about, in the hope to earn
forgiveness Jennifer. And now he seems to have succeeded. Will
hope that garner won’t change your mind and they will be able to stay together
to educate 10-year-old Viletta, 7-year-old Seraphina and Samuel, to which yet
only 4 years old.

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