Бен Аффлек и Дженнифер Гарнер отложили развод на неопределенный срок

Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck decided to wait with the divorce.

A year has passed since then, as Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck) and Jennifer garner (Jennifer Garner) has announced the divorce. However, now the actress has decided to suspend the divorce process.

According to the magazine Us Weekly, garner was going to put an end to her relationship with her husband, but a couple of weeks ago, the situation has changed. “Jennifer is still in love with Ben, but itself does not admit it. It focuses on the children,” said a source from the publication.

According to sources, Affleck is also against divorce. “If it were up to Ben, they would be together. He can’t live without Jen, it is felt,” says one of the insiders.

While a source close to Affleck insists that the actors did not plan to hurry with the divorce: “they Have their own plan.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner live together at his home in Los Angeles, but sleep in different rooms. They have three children: 11-year-old violet (Violet), 7-year-old Seraphina (Seraphina) and 4-year-old Samuel (Samuel).

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