Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner are reunited just three days after the announcement of the divorce

Бен Аффлек и Дженнифер Гарнер воссоединились всего через три дня после объявления о разводе
The divorcing couple had finally baffled his fans.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner


Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck finally ceased to understand what is happening in
the relationship of the two actors. Just a few days ago the wife said that was solved finally
to formalize the termination of his marriage. However, yesterday they appeared together in the Church
together with their three children — 11-year-old violet, an 8-year Serafini and
5-year-old Sam. And both just beamed and threw each other tender looks.

it became known about the beginning of the divorce process, Ben and Jennifer, all I thought was that they are amazing
close — for divorcing spouses
the friendship came to an end. Despite the fact that Ben and Jennifer announced
I decided to leave in the summer of 2015 year, they are all holidays and vacations
spent together. And Ben lived no where else but in the guest house on the
the mansion garner. It would be logical to assume that if Affleck and
Garner are getting a divorce, they have decided to lead a separate existence. That is, that
Ben at least move out of the guest house, Jennifer. However, so far it is not
made no effort to vacate the premises.

wonder that, apparently not. After all, Ben and Jennifer seems to have decided
to fight for their divorce was considered the most civilized in Hollywood.
Although this story began with a scandal when Ben was accused of treason
with the nanny of his children — Christine ouzounian, Affleck and garner quite quickly normalized
relationship. And now they are not going to fall out, unlike other
celebrities, not to the section
status or because of the children.