“Below the belt”: Vodonaeva publicly ridiculed marriage Brezhneva with Meladze

«Удар ниже пояса»: Водонаева публично высмеяла брак Брежневой с Меладзе
The star of “House-2” was named the famous producer of “old granddad.”

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: Social networks

Alain Vodonaeva allowed himself to laugh at the family life of Vera Brezhneva. In social networks appeared the public, which publishes old photos of the stars. Under one of them, the star of “House-2” has spoken out about the singer not the most flattering way. Published photo Brezhneva commented out Vodonaevoy in the following way: “She’s so good. Grandfathers old loves. And one already lives. Sincere. Light. Honest!”

Fans of the Faith were deeply offended by the speech Alyona and insist that the TV star is now obliged to publicly apologize to the singer and her husband.

Earlier Vodonaeva has already come into conflict with Brezhnev, for which the singer “thrown in the block” star. Last year Alena published a post about his attitude to the modern show-business: “We live in a country of double standards. In a very contradictory society. In which the girl, who in twenty years has participated in the reality show and met up with the boys in sympathy, will be respected less than a girl, working in twenty years in the women’s team, sleeping with a married producer (singer, Director, businessman, man, in General!) or more trenchant – took him from his family!”

Brezhnev then brought the name Vodonaevoy in the black list your account. Then Vodonaeva wrote that is not meant specifically to Brezhnev, because her image was of a collective. But after that Faith is not restored friendly relations with Alena.