Возлюбленная Баскова устроила шопинг в Баку

Sophie spent in the capital of Azerbaijan for two days and brought back a suitcase full of purchases.

Over the weekend festival took place in Baku “Heat” Emin Agalarov. The number of stars citizens of Azerbaijan are unlikely to be seen. Everyone was there: Philip, Anita Choi, Ani Lorak, Filipp Kirkorov, Vladimir Presnyakov… could Not miss this event and Nikolay Baskov. Only here one “but”: the festival coincided with another event. So the singer got to Baku only to closing. And it came directly from Italy, as they say, from the ship to the ball.

But his beloved Sophie in the capital of Azerbaijan has conducted a full two days. In order not to miss one of the hotel devuhska hired a guide and went for a walk around the old town.

One of the most popular attractions of Baku, the Maiden tower, or QIZ Qalasi, which rises in the southeastern part of the fortress of Icheri Sheher, and has long been considered a symbol of the city. Her first thing and went to see Sophie.

— This tower so many myths and legends, none of which historians are not exactly confirmed, told Woman’s Day Sophie. — The tower offers stunning views, and, according to local, climbing to the top, you can wish for anything. Here only to climb it is not so easy. I was afraid that climbing the ladder will take a whole hour, which not everyone can withstand the road. I flew for 15 minutes.

After excursion is Sophie and walked to local shops where he purchased tea set, a silk handkerchief, and even the carpet.

— For a long time I home any Souvenirs). do not cite. And so their whole house is covered. Me mom that nick every time you plead but don’t buy! We have everything,” smiles Sophie. But in Baku I couldn’t resist… it’s all so beautiful, colorful! I first fell in love with a tea set made of copper, then are unable to resist a silk handkerchief, and then decided to walk so to walk – and bought a handmade carpet! He’s amazing. The house is big and beautiful things we love.

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