Beloved rapper ST returned it to the family

Возлюбленная рэпера ST вернула его в семью The musician told about his relationship with his wife Assol Vasilyeva, a wedding at which he played in 2015. According to Alexander Stepanov, he owes a lot to the soulmate. The choice of the actor could affect his relationship with his parents.
Возлюбленная рэпера ST вернула его в семью

28-year-old Alexander Stepanov, better known as rapper ST, for about two years happily married with a model and businesswoman Assol Vasilyeva. Lovers often attend social events together and admire the surrounding harmony that prevails between them.

In recognition of the contractor, he is happy in the status of “banded men.” Stepanov said that he had real feelings for the second half. Moreover, Alexander believes that I owe Assol. As it turned out, the wife of rapper did much to reconcile with their parents, who are divorced.

“I never had the feeling of a complete family, so I always wanted to create a strong unit of society. By the way, for which I am especially grateful Assol (model and TV presenter Assol, his wife Sasha. – Approx. ed.) – she reconciled me with my family. After the divorce I talked to my dad and mom haven’t had the best of relationships. Assol first reconciled me with my mother and regularly calls up with her, then with his father (he has two children). This year we even went to the 90th birthday of my grandmother, mother and father. The whole family depends on her,” Stepanov told journalists.

During the conversation with reporters, Alexander noted that the Institute of marriage and family is not held in high esteem. Therefore, a man who never ceases to prove fidelity to wife, feels a bit old-fashioned. However, Stepanov anyway, that about it to think about strangers.

Alexander is not afraid that life will ruin his idyll with Assol. Spouses like spending time with each other. “How we meet, never been a day she didn’t have the flowers,” says St. In his free time, lovers continue to arrange visits and often go on joint visits.

“And I think I was lucky – my wife and root for the same football club, and indeed, frankly, she knows more about football than I do,” – said Stepanov.

Conversing with the media, ST also revealed his plans. Alexander is preparing his fifth Studio album, due out in the spring of 2018. According to Stepanov, the album will be very Frank. The artist is going to share their thoughts and feelings with the fans. “The first time I was in a state of maturing rapper” – quoted ST Peopletalk.