Beloved Prince will fight for his legacy

Возлюбленная Принса будет бороться за его наследство

As you know, died suddenly last week, the famous singer Prince did not have time to write a will. Media reported that all three hundred million now will depart as his only blood sister, but not yet the body of the performer to cool off (figuratively expressing, we remember that he was cremated), as for his legacy, the war begins. Your share of the huge sums of money claimed by the singer, the friend and the lover of Prince, Sheila I. (Sheila E.).
According to the publication citing insiders, the woman who was with the Prince last period of his life, finds it unfair that all that money goes only to his sister. 58-year-old singer had already hired lawyers to help negotiate with the kin of the deceased on the part of the inheritance.

Возлюбленная Принса будет бороться за его наследство
“Sheila wants to protect the inheritance, but it is unlikely that the family of the Prince will go for it, although friends of the deceased believe that it would be fair” — said the insider.
When it became known that the singer did not leave a will, a blood sister of Prince Teak Nelson became the sole executor of the estate of his brother. However, the woman did not want to do it yourself and hired managers. Sheila, who was in the know of Prince, more than anyone, has offered to do it for free, but Tick thought it was suspicious, and she hired strangers.
It is not excluded that the vast estate of Prince and his valuable music catalogue, most likely, will be divided between Tikoy half-brothers and-sisters of the singer.
“Yes, there is total chaos. Teak does not understand the control, and the other brothers and sisters understand even less. I wish she turned to Sheila” — say the friends of the Prince.

Recall that the edition of The National ENQUIRER a few days ago reported that poor health of by recently mated with an incurable disease. Supposedly in the early 90s he was diagnosed with HIV six months ago have converted to AIDS. However, the family of the Prince does not confirm this (or deny). According to the official version, the singer died from cardiac arrest.
Insiders say that over the past six months, the Prince was constantly donating huge sums to organizations that are dedicated to help AIDS patients.
“In December, the doctor told the Prince that he remained six months. Desperately he began to take drugs in huge quantities to stop the progression of the disease, but it was too late.. the Relatives are glad that he died in Minnesota, because here they could hide the ends in water. If he died in Los Angeles or Paris, after opening the whole world would know about his illness” — said the source.
About the illness of the singer, according to the publication, known only to a few people who kept the secret until the end. It is not excluded that he knew about her and his own sister, but there is no doubt that after the death of her brother, she will tell his secret to the public. In the context of this information it becomes clear why the body of the singer was cremated, after I finished the autopsy, the day after his death.

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