Beloved Prince Harry for a long time settled in Kensington Palace

Возлюбленная принца Гарри надолго заселилась в Кенсингтонский дворец
Meghan Markle carried with me to London even their dogs.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Photo: @heratlondon Instagram

This week, those who expect in the foreseeable future
the announcement of the betrothal of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, received a new confirmation of their
predictions. The fact that the actress arrived again this week in Britain, this time not just settled in
Kensington Palace. She was brought here with them, even their Pets — dogs guy and Bogart. More
the actress has managed to find them the “babysitter” that is the man who
will look out for them and walk the dogs when Markle will be busy with Harry. About
it reported the online edition of

Every appearance in Britain, Megan, with which the Prince
started Dating last summer, causing great excitement. After all, Harry has long
said he was ready to start a family. His problem, as argued by Prince
was the fact that none of his friend could not withstand close
the attention of the press, which attacked the chosen one Harry. “If I
to approach a girl, and it was immediately announced my future wife and the paparazzi turn
her life a nightmare!” — lamented Prince.

But Megan seems to easily withstand persecution
reporters. Perhaps because she has good training. Acting in an extremely
the popular TV series “Force majeure”, it has long been accustomed to live under the gun lenses
cameras. And when the paparazzi start to annoy her, she just goes from
prosecution — in this part she revealed the real “secret” talent.
So, when this fall, Megan, coming to Harry, for the first time stopped at Kensington
the Palace, it showed up a few days later, and completely
accidentally. It was then filmed with bulky bags filled with supplies, when
she returned from the supermarket.

However, during your current visit, Markle and
Harry has even stopped hiding from the paparazzi. So, when the Prince in the middle of the week
has consumed a favorite in the restaurant located in the club Soho House, where they were ambushed by reporters, a couple even
never thought to try to avoid contact with the paparazzi. They allowed themselves
to photograph and smiled serenely.