Beloved Prince Harry blackmailed intimate photos

Возлюбленную принца Гарри шантажируют интимными фото An unknown man threatens Meghan Markle incriminating materials. In his possession were photos of the stars of “Force majeure”, which she is completely naked. Western journalists reported that the attacker intends to publish them online.

      Foreign media reported on the scandal, which may flare up in the near future. Girlfriend of Prince Harry, a 35-year-old actress Meghan Markle, received a message from an unknown man. He called the star of the series “Force majeure” and told that there is a whole series of incriminating Megan images on which she’s completely naked. At the moment it is unknown what the purpose of this mysterious man. Western journalists reported that about money speech does not go.

      Reporters of the tabloids managed to find out that Markle in fact, there is a serious reason for concern. The Nude photos of the star were made when she was married to Director Trevor Angelzoom. Then Megan rested together with her lover in New Zealand. Once a young woman and her lover decided to skinny-dip, taking advantage of the fact that no one was near. However, while Markle and Engelson were in the water, someone stole the clothes of the actress. The star of the show “Force majeure” notice of thieves and chased them, but, as it turned out, this situation was specially rigged by hackers. When completely naked Megan tried to catch the kidnappers, suddenly, there was the paparazzi, who began to photograph a celebrity. The artist had to forget about their things and head to the hotel under the guise that lent her husband.

      “Megan is terrified, because if these pictures will appear on the Internet, they will blow up the Network, as once happened with pictures of Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian – says a source close to the actress. – Previously, she never thought that imagery can suddenly emerge, but now that she’s officially with Harry, her photo shoot could ruin everything. Of course, that’s the last thing she wanted”.

      By the way, earlier media reported that Prince Harry plans to provide protection for the beloved. Since the beginning of his relationship with the star of “suits” them, the couple was under the scrutiny of journalists. They had relatives Markle constant calls and took care of her at home. Concerned about the safety of his lady, Prince Harry made an official statement in which asked to leave Megan alone. Later, it became known that the heir of the Royal family is discussing the possibility of hiring bodyguards for an actress. The enraged Prince Harry stood up to oppressors sweetheart