Возлюбленная олигарха Саркисова в ужасе от нянь Ilona Catalog couldn’t believe that the staff can afford to not work. Beloved Nikolai Sarkisov for a long time looking for the right people who could adequately look after her son.
Возлюбленная олигарха Саркисова в ужасе от нянь

Recently, a young chosen one oligarch Nikolai Sarkisov Ilona Catalog became a mother for the second time. She gave birth to a daughter, who was named Glasha. The couple also has a teenage son Alex, who in the fall will be two years. A young mother regularly talks about the accomplishments of their child.

Despite the fact that Ilona can devote all his time to the kids, she decided to hire the services of a nanny. As it turned out, the chosen oligarch is not so easy to find a professional who would suit her at all points. She shared with the followers their daunting search for the employee.

One of the requirements of the young mother as little as possible to touch her beloved child. She let the nanny only look after the son when he was in bed or wheelchair.

“One day, when I told her to watch him while he sleeps in the stroller, I walked into the room and saw a lady sitting with a deep neckline, lulls my son to his bare chest! This is unacceptable! For me, it was unpleasant and nasty picture. We said goodbye,” he admitted.
Возлюбленная олигарха Саркисова в ужасе от нянь

Ilona and Nicholas are often at different points of the earth, rest in the best resorts. Travel with them and Babysitting. However, Catelog didn’t understand why, instead of thank you for the opportunity to see the world they get only resentment and complaints.

Возлюбленная олигарха Саркисова в ужасе от нянь“Ruined our trip in Marrakech was always unhappy. The shampoo is not the same, the pillow is not the same, and lived in a mansion. All the staff from her hung. Apparently age, menopause, don’t know what it is. Always been shod, dressed, with gifts and fed. She didn’t even need to prepare our child and clean, all she was doing, but not ass wipe. Cared about Alex, from time to time. No longer cope, we saw it. By the way, sent her to a psychologist to understand and not kick, I loved her dearly, but her husband was already unhappy with it,” – said Catalog.
Возлюбленная олигарха Саркисова в ужасе от нянь

Also, the pair was considered unacceptable staff talking on the phone – according to the rules of Catalog is possible to leave only on very urgent business. Ilona said that once hired not only a nanny but also put her husband and wanted to find a place for her daughter. But it failed to help the woman to do her duties – she was unhappy and fired the employee.

Now, however, a young mother completely happy with my choice. As it turned out, for peace of mind Ilona, you need two nannies, who have alternately looked after polutorogodovalogo the child.

“Alex crazy with her interesting and she is super active. That’s what playing sports all my life, and not eating ass and whine all the time. And I found the second shift nurse, her I’m happy too, Alex! Yay! Heaven has given us peace of mind for our son” – shared with subscribers of Catalog.

However, not all followers understand why a young mother, who is not burdened with any unnecessary chores, you need two nannies. However, many supported the Vita, considering that the house should be the people who look after children.