Beloved Leonid Baraza told about the affair with the actor

Возлюбленная Леонида Бараца рассказала о романе с актером

One of the participants “the Quartet And” Leonid Baratz not long ago divorced his wife, with whom he lived for many years. This parting was for fans of the actor a complete surprise, but more surprising was the news that he had an affair with a young inhabitant of Odessa.

The couple was discovered by accident. In celebration of the birthday of Leonid. But even after that, the pair was silent for a while and chose not to comment on the affair.

Now you can hide nothing more, and for the first time on acquaintance with Barcom she told Anna Moiseeva (the newest favorite).

“I did not immediately drew attention to the Leonid”, – said Moiseev. – And later discovered what he really is smart, interesting, sincere. So openly and honestly talked about myself that at first I didn’t understand jokes or real? Did not even realize that he cares for me. We had a phone conversation which turned into a feeling. However, it took me a while to realize all your emotions. And I am grateful to Leonid for his patience, wisdom and decency”.

By the way, despite the fact that Leonid and Anna are citizens of different States, among whom relations have recently become strained, to see that they do not interfere. “Seeing each other at every opportunity. And the play “Quartet” in Kiev will definitely become the reason for the meeting. I love to watch Leonidas and proud of her man” — summed up in love of Moses.