Beloved Ivan Zhidkova enjoying motherhood

Возлюбленная Ивана Жидкова наслаждается материнством Last week, the beloved actor gave him a son. Ivan and Lily immediately informed subscribers about the long-awaited heir to Stepan. For the artist this is the second child, Zhidkova has a daughter Mary from his marriage with Tatiana Arntgolts.
Возлюбленная Ивана Жидкова наслаждается материнством

Throughout pregnancy donâ Ivan Zhidkova Lily actively shared with fans the latest news on how he feels. I was born a long-awaited baby Stepan, the choice of the actor immediately posted a picture from the hospital, telling fans that became a mother. For Lily’s first child, but Ivan already has a daughter Mary from a previous marriage with Tatiana Arntgolts.

“Today the week! In General, normal flight and even, one might say, a fully adapted home! Dog with caution, but with full interest, eyes watching the small! I dare say that he responds to the cry Stepan is much faster and clearer than the monitors, by the way, this is one of the most useful gadgets! I want to note that I am not tired. On the contrary, I get a genuine, genuine pleasure! To say the truth, this is the first colic. View. Thank you mom and dad that gave me life!” – reported by Lily fans.

Fans of the couple continue to congratulate the actor with a growing family. “Vanya, I am sincerely happy for you!”, “Health, happiness and lots of smiles for your baby and mom”, “Happy folder: my daughter and now son!”, “Parents of patience I wish,” wrote the followers of Ivan. It is worth noting that in the last weeks before the birth of their son, Lily Solovyov complained on Instagram that eats a lot, and also had difficulty walking because of a large belly. Ivan and his girlfriend are actively preparing for the emergence of the baby born and pre-purchased crib blue.

“Smashed is not a joke, both physically and morally! All ginestous and trying to organize the house to a new man!” – shared Lily impressions with followers. Now, however, a happy mom forgot about the difficulties of pregnancy.

Lily the daughter of Ivan from his first marriage Masha warm relations. They often spend time together: walking, go to cafés and shopping. The girl’s mother was able to maintain friendly relations with Jidkova.

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“We with Ivan have good relationship, talk on the phone almost every day. Mary is often seen with dad. Together they go to the cinema”, – told Tatiana “StarHit”.