Возлюбленный Ирины Лобачевой скончался после попытки суицида Famous figure skater can’t recover from this tragedy. Irina Lobacheva was buried on the second of the elect over the past year.
Возлюбленный Ирины Лобачевой скончался после попытки суицида

Irina Lobacheva no longer hide their tragedy. On the eve of New year, the sports star has lost a loved one. The man famous figure skater lived together, died in the resuscitation Department of one of the capital’s hospitals. Roman Alexander and Irina developed rapidly. However, apparently, the man had personal problems, because in the hospital, he came after a suicide attempt.

In the fateful morning of 18 December, Alexander was in the apartment Irina. For unexplained reasons, he opened the bedroom window where his beloved slept, and jumped down. Man in a pool of blood was found on the street passers-by. Drop 14 floors could soon end in death. But beloved Lobacheva was alive, because the blow has softened the branches of the trees. Witnesses immediately called an ambulance and the man was taken to the intensive care unit. Doctors to the last struggled for life of Alexander, but to save him failed.

Irina is so worried that he refused to give any comments. Only now she found the strength to reveal the truth. According to press reports, the man abused alcohol, and the money for the drink he could take to the pawn shop where he allegedly handed over the decoration Lobacheva. The true cause of Alexander’s death are still not clear. Rumor has it that he is mired in debt.

It is worth noting that this is the second tragedy that occurred in the life of Lobacheva over the past year. In March, the previous lover Irene, with whom she had a relationship for a year and a half. The man died from heart failure, going out of the door. The death occurred suddenly, and no one was able to help him. Some fans of the figure skater have even assumed that hung over her fate.

By the way, after the divorce in November 2007 with Ilya Averbuch Lobacheva and failed to arrange his personal life. After twelve years of marriage, the sports star could not believe that everything is over. And despite the fact that Irina has filed for a divorce, in her opinion, the reason for parting steel amorous adventures of Elijah, whom it was always true.

“Of course, and ice show of the First channel were all aware of our situation, whispering behind my back constantly. All this became for me a living hell. But I, that is, swallowed the bitterness of resentment. Naively hoped that everything will pass, that Elijah will come to, remember, finally, that he has a young son. But did not wait — she could not take it anymore, I just have not enough forces…” – said the skater, in an interview.