Возлюбленная Гуфа веселится в доме Айзы Анохиной The relationship of the rapper and his ex-wife continues to capture the attention of thousands of fans. This time the ex-wife made the appointment for four. Special piquancy of the situation gave the photo caption, which Anokhin posted on his Instagram.

On the eve of the popular rapper Guf went to Bali to visit six-year-old son, Sam, who had not seen, and former lover of Aizu. Their relationship has long remained very tense, but the conflict was finally resolved. Moreover, Dolmatov even tried to “make friends” ex-wife and his girlfriend Lesya FAK, which arrived on a Sunny island with him.

Meeting Anokhina and her husband Dmitry, judging by the photos in social networks, was held in a friendly atmosphere. In the group photo of the pair hugging and look happy with life. However, the ISA decided to “spice”, leaving it ambiguous under review: “Swingers”. The caption she accompanied with the smiles, but the fans still reacted very violently. Some reacted to the situation too seriously and condemned the behavior of former spouses, considering it obscene. But most expressed support and noted that parents should always try to maintain communication for the sake of the children.

“It’s great when you can communicate normally with the former, it is the wisdom and respect! But the most important thing for a child is very important are friendly relations,” “You are great!Love will save the world”, “ISA just clever! Honor and praise the inner strength and wisdom of this man!” – wrote fans.

In addition, many noted that Les FAK looks very similar to Anokhin. No sooner had the fans to rejoice as idyll was broken by another argument. However, this time PFM had a fight not with Sam’s mother, and with a new passion. Dolmatov has published a photo on which the Les sits alone at a distance from him, and signed “Luce, I love you. Don’t be mad at me, please.” The cause of the conflict remains a mystery. But after a few hours in the microblog was posted, the shot of the couple hugging as if nothing had happened.

Today in Instagram Dolmatova has another picture of Paradise island. It funny guys with a running start dives into the pool. “Want to upset you, we are all more than good,” left no doubt the rapper.