Beloved ex-husband of Victoria Daineko: “Waiting for the twins!”

Возлюбленная экс-мужа Виктории Дайнеко: «Ждем двойню!»
A friend of Dmitry Kleiman spoke about the pregnancy.

Dmitry Kleiman girl Daria

Photo: @Instagram kleymaan Dmitry Kleiman

While Cheryl Cole is trying to rebuild their lives after a scandalous divorce, her ex-husband Dmitry Kleiman already hard at building a relationship with a new wife named Daria. The pair met in December last year. His acquaintance, a drummer and a translator are required social media: that’s where they “met”. Soon after the beginning of the novel, the pair stopped to hide feelings and now a frequent contributor to the Network of the joint staff.

So, at the last portrait of the couple’s new lover Dmitry noticeable rounded belly. After the publication began to receive questions from subscribers Kleiman about the pregnancy of his girlfriend. Daria decided to play the fans, replying that, well, Yes, “waiting”. Moreover, she was expecting twins (and according to her boyfriend as much as the triplets!). Of course, the guys was joking, but every joke, as you know, is the truth. In addition, she is Daria to the end does not exclude the possibility that soon will become a mother. “Yes, dumpling soup welled just before the shooting. Although… anything is possible!” writes beloved Dmitri.

Kleiman, by the way, in an interview told that a long time had my eye on Daria. A serious relationship with a new fiancee, he started only after “verification”. “I admit, the first time closely observed her, again afraid to step on the same rake. Even began to catch myself on the fact that sometimes carp. But quickly realized that not all women are the same. Dasha, fortunately, not a singer, she is the translator professional in his field. Dasha virtually ignores the concerts of our group, which take place in Moscow. Said that during my talk she had goosebumps. It’s so nice to hear! She believes in me, in my potential. And I believe in us…” — quoted by his Caravan of Stories.