Beloved Alena Kravets gave her a house by the sea

Возлюбленный Алены Кравец подарил ей дом на берегу моря A fan artist made her a surprise for her birthday. In childhood Alena Kravets spent a vacation in Yalta, but because the elect of the singer decided to return to her memories. Celebrity gratefully accepted the gift.
Возлюбленный Алены Кравец подарил ей дом на берегу моря

This week, the singer Alena Kravets noted birthday. Despite the fact that the artist is a lot of friends, this holiday we decided to celebrate in a narrow circle of people closest to you. However, the fans and admirers and Alena are unable to ignore important date. The morning came to her many congratulations, and her house is literally filled up with gifts. But the biggest surprise of the evening was a mysterious key in marble box that got delivered to her courier in the mask of Zorro.

When Allen opened the box, it turned out to be the key that opens the door of the house on the seafront in Yalta. It turned out that in the Crimea, the relatives of the father, the singer in his childhood, spending their summer vacation. Therefore, these places have linked her most fond memories. Kravets was pleased that one of the fans remembered the story and was able to make a pleasant artist.

“I can guess who would make this generous gift. I laugh – most importantly, the house is not asked to return back under the pretext that I did not accept the proposal to marry. Such was the case,” admitted Alain “StarHit”.

The actress admits that Boyfriends often present her with luxurious gifts. Not so long ago she became the owner of a luxury car, the cost of which amounts to several million. “In my stable interest – a young frisky Panther. Somehow without bows and other tinsel,” said Kravets.

Also in the beginning of the year, Allen was given a house on the ruble, however, she was thinking whether she should enter there with her daughter Danielle. After her scandal with her ex-husband-a millionaire Ruslan, the artist has developed even more distrust of the opposite sex. However, in a moment she lost faith in nastoyashih men. However, after the scandal with the ex-spouse she had to go through a difficult period.

“I now even have some fear of men. In the beginning, everything is so beautifully groomed, and then there is aggression. I’m on night put guards around the house, close all the locks. Well, the parents arrive, girlfriends sometimes asked me to stay for a few weeks. There is a fear that the rush will be something to do. I already want to go faster to win back the child and go aimlessly,” – said Kravetz in an interview with “StarHit”.