Bella Thorne talked about the relationship with Scott Disick

Бэлла Торн рассказала об отношениях со Скоттом Дисиком

Actress Bella Thorne think a wayward young woman, not burdened with moral principles. The girl is too often laid bare, and a recent relationship with a womanizer Scott Disick during the Cannes film festival even more convinced the audience in this. In a recent interview, the actress decided to reveal how she met the star of the reality program “living with the Kardashian” and what connects them now.

“I’m throwing a lot of parties, and so I meet new people. They just come to my house and say, “yo, I heard you were having a party,” and I answer: “Hello French Montana, come in.” So I met with Scott – he just came to my party in Cannes, and I just said to him, “Hey, come on!”” — said Bella.
Recall that in the photo taken of the French paparazzi Scott not only made out with Bella at the pool, but also groped her breast. Thorne says that all was not as presented to the media.
“Honestly, my nipple fell out of a bikini, but Scott just adjusted my bra. The photo was taken at the exact moment, and everyone thought that he touched me. With me this happens often. I have a large chest, it often falls out of neck,” admitted Thorne and added that Scott acted like a gentleman, and corrected the situation instead of quietly staring at her nipple.
However, after the party Bella and Scott are no longer met, but this does not prevent thorn to respond to the Disick as a very nice man.
“Scott is very sweet, kind, charming. I don’t drink, and this guy actually filled with alcohol. We had no relations. I just went home,” said Bella, and added that it does not offend the news that shortly after talking with her Disick spent time in Cannes at other beauties.
“We spent a half day in Cannes, after which I had to return to America. I like to have fun, dance, but such hard partying, here – is too much even for me,” said Bella.