Bella Hadid went for a walk in a gaudy suit

Белла Хадид вышла на прогулку в безвкусном костюме

The young supermodel was spotted on the streets of new York in a highly controversial toilet.

Bella Hadid once again surprised their fans with an unusual outfit. This time the newly minted Victoria’s Secret angel decided to shock the audience with the most real fashion failure.

Bella was spotted while walking around new York in a suit, very reminiscent of fancy. Her choice fell on the baggy torn pants with a white lacing along the entire length, a black crop top with an asymmetrical cut and a jacket from the same set, and pants. All this weird ensemble was crowned with two long braids, large earrings and a miniature purse on a chain. We with confidence can call this outfit another fashion fail stars of the podium.

Judging by the wardrobe Hadid, she has always been close more sexy and feminine outfits. But suddenly she decided to change the usual image. Perhaps the new fashion preferences are associated with sharp changes in his personal life. Not so long ago Bella Hadid broke up with her boyfriend, musician The Weeknd.

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