Белла Хадид прошлась по подиуму, истекая кровью

Many people think that the model is very simple: go on the catwalk, wearing expensive clothes of famous designers and chic living. But it is not so that once again proved Bella Hadid. The model told how once walked on the catwalk, bleeding.

The other day Bella called for the promotion of Tag Heuer in Malaysia, which answered the questions leading. The interviewer asked the model whether in her career a very stressful incident. One she remembered for a long time and that they shared: “Once before going on the runway the zipper on my dress broke. Assistants put it on me and stung the skin, and so much that I started bleeding. So one side of my dress was covered with blood, and I had to keep it so that no one saw this, explained Bella. Was it painful, but I still was on the podium, I was bleeding, but no one noticed”.

The latest news of celebrity life: Bella and her boyfriend The Weeknd decided to move in! Rumors that Abel invites Bella to live to his new York apartment, which he rents is about 60 thousand dollars (about 5 million) per month in Greenwich village, began in late October. The insider claims that the couple were still together: “She felt it was the next step in their relationship, — said the insider, They terribly miss each other when separated, and madly in love with each other.”

The stars travel together, and even have a rest in the house of the parents of Bella. We will remind, fans have long waited for any news about the resumption of relations and Bella by The Weeknd, and wait! The stars themselves, tacitly confirmed their romance through instagram stories. The model laid out in their stories of instagram photo of the mansion, on the balcony of which stood a man. Who is he and what does Bella then nobody thought, when the actor posted the same photo, only approximate, the public immediately realized that the balcony is worth it. The media found out that this mansion in Hidden Hills, which Abel recently purchased for 18 million dollars, and Bella he’s there often.

And to back up a formal statement volunteered by the journalists of Us Weekly, which reported that Bella and Abel twice seen on a date at Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly hills.

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