Bella Hadid unveiled their hobby

Белла Хадид обнародовала свое хобби
Few people know that before to start a modeling career, Bella Hadid has been a successful athlete.

Белла Хадид обнародовала свое хобби

Bella, starting from an early age, been interested in horses and even participated in the races, planned to become a member of the Olympic team in 2016.

Белла Хадид обнародовала свое хобби

But in the end discovered Lyme disease, she had to retire from the sport. On the same day Bella has shared with her followers a picture in which the model is captured in the saddle.

“I traveled this beauty today! My one true passion will always be horses, and I’m back! My heart is filled with love and happiness,” said Hadid followers.

The model looks gorgeous in the outfit of a rider, like her still-to-face.

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