Белла Хадид ведет борьбу с депрессией

Белла Хадид ведет борьбу с депрессией

23-year-old model Bella Hadid at your young age is known around the world. No fashion week does not pass without her presence, and in how many shows she’s attended, you don’t even have to count. Such an overloaded schedule caused psychological disorders in girls, she told about it in interview to known American magazine.

In his story she noticed that the show Rihanna gave her the opportunity to feel sexy and created for the runway. Before that concert she was all the fashion shows conducted by the famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, but she opened for the popular singer. “Rihanna is an amazing woman. Very surprising for me that I feel my sexuality is on the podium. Of course, I had other shows before then, but only then did I realize that I can be strong,” shared Bella.

She also noticed that he likes to try on different images when you don’t have to be yourself. Very often before a show she is nervous and even forgets how to move his feet.

However, due to the overloaded schedule of work, Bella began to feel bad and told me about how she is going through depression at the moment.

Hadid admitted that the guilt and heaviness in my soul haunts her for a long time. She’s worried about the fact that she has a happy and fulfilling life, the other about such can only dream of, but she was not happy. She occasionally gets depressed and forgets about the meaning of life.

When she was only 18 years of age, was a period in her career where she worked for four months in a row seven days a week 14 hours a day. It then occurred to her first breakdown. Bella was crying in the morning, in lunch breaks and before bed. According to the model, it lacked a breath of fresh air, she felt like a rat in a spiral, from which there is no escape.

At this stage of life, the famous model admitted that she feels much better, however, to remain silent about mental health problems doesn’t want. Many people with this face, and if celebrities will tell you that this can be solved, then people will be easier to fight. Bella says that to keep silent about a problem is to do yourself a disservice, and it does not want to go. Unfortunately, the girl is depressed for 5 years, much time has passed, but yet to fully get rid of the guilt she fails.

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