Белла Хадид рассказала о работе без выходных дней
Some time ago model Bella Hadid participated in fashion Week, held in France.

Белла Хадид рассказала о работе без выходных дней

Bella spoke with reporters and shared his plans for the future and told what she works so hard.

Some fashion experts believe that Bella makes in a year the amount of work, which is usually the models perform in ten years.

“Over the past two months I had three days off. I’ve been up since morning yesterday, and immediately after the Fendi show got on a plane and came here. Yesterday I had a forty-minute break. I’m getting tired.

I can sit on my ass and do nothing. But the only thing I can do to repay your parents is to work as hard as they do. I never liked spending my parents ‘ money, so when I turned seventeen, and I was able to start my own career, the only thing I really wanted — to be financially independent,” says Hadid.

Dedication girls can only envy.

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