Белла Хадид вернулась в Нью-Йорк после недели моды в Париже

On the eve of Bella Hadid with her sister and other models paraded on the catwalks of famous fashion houses in the French capital, and on Wednesday returned home to new York. The model was spotted in the airport of the capital of the United States, where Bella after the flight was in an oversized jacket without makeup.

Photographers caught the star at the airport of John Kennedy. For flights Bella chose an oversized gray suit MMMI and bag 1017 Alyx9SM. For long flights Bella doesn’t bother with makeup. Low tone raising and lip balm.

Modeling career is not exactly easy even girls with a famous name. Recently, bell was accused, that it uses fillers. And this after the mother of the sisters Hadid — Yolanda — said in his instalarme that he decided to get rid of all the fillers and implants for natural beauty and health.

Yolanda open up and even responded to such a comment: “I completely agree with you, but what about your daughters? Especially Bella. She’s beautiful, but why is using fillers?”. “None of my kids have never used a filler and did nothing with the body. They look at me and know that I had to go” — so said the mother of the popular sisters.

Such interest in the appearance of the model triggered by the early statements about the use of unnatural methods of beauty. A sharp influx of charges made model to speak out: “People think I’ve always been confident, but I had to learn this. People think I got all of that for the operations that I did this or that. And you know what? We can do a scan of my face, dear. I’m afraid to inject fillers into the lips. I wouldn’t want to spoil your face.” Well, it looks like we never wait for recognition. Look at old and new photos of the model, and silently marvel at”.

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