Bella Hadid pissed off guard

Беллу Хадид вывел из себя охранник

After the fashion show clothes Michael Kors at fashion week in new York, famous model and sister of Gigi Hadid returned to his car surrounded by three guards. One of them repel Intrusive photographer, which Hadid was out of line making a sharp remark.

Беллу Хадид вывел из себя охранник

13 October in the Internet appeared the video, where 20-year-old model was surrounded by his bodyguards to the car. On all sides was taking pictures of the paparazzi, one of whom even came from the protection of girls. One of the girls, taking pictures of Bella, too close to the girl and caring bodyguard pushed her away. Hadid abruptly withdrew the man and said, “can You please not touch her!”.

The bodyguard, assured the model that I touched the girl, but the video clearly shows how he pushes paparazzi away from Hadid. The guard immediately began to assert his innocence.

Bella Hadid, who recently saved his sister during one of the shows, when she lost a Shoe on the way out, asked, “are you all right?”. The photographer gave a positive response, and only after that Hadid continued on his way to the car. She again threatened the security guard that he didn’t touch her.

In the beginning of the video, the attentive fans noticed that the guard roughly pushed the man photographer. In the event bell did not comment, perhaps because he did not notice the incident. But this is not the first time that deserved attention this week. At fashion week in new York, during the show Anna Sui girl helped her sister not to fall on the catwalk when she lost a Shoe.

Many stars should learn from a young model. For example, the husband of Kim Kardashian well-known rapper Kanye West in 2008, was arrested along with his bodyguard for the attack on paparazzii. The star had to pay 10 thousand dollars for the damage. The contractor refused to pay the victim. He gave the man only $ 100. For this rapper go to jail. But was soon released because of the security Deposit in the sum of 20 thousand dollars. Later was seen in some cases in the attack on reporters, too. In 2014 he was imprisoned for 2 years.