Верим! Том Хиддлстон стал обладателем ягодиц года

Taylor swift can be proud of his boyfriend, his fifth point attracted more than 10,000 women.

You do not laugh, but in England there really is a reward called “the Buttocks of the year.” It was founded by a British website Rear of the Year in 1976 and the first few years it was awarded only to women, but since 1994 nominated to become men and priests.

This year the rating was headed by actor Tom Hiddleston. His buttocks have received more than 10 thousand users.

You reasonable notice: and where they saw the fifth point of the actor and how closely they were able to consider to call it best of the best?

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Such a possibility is at all. You watched the movie “Night administrator”? If not, immediately correct the situation. In one scene half-naked hero Tom is passionate sex, pinning his partner to the wall. This scene has made girls around the globe a lasting impression, more to the point, not a scene, and the fifth point of Hiddleton. Beloved actor Taylor swift should be on the lookout – now she knows how many women she envies.

On the second place – British black actor Idris Elba, best known for the films “28 weeks later”, “Rock-n-roll”, “Pacific rim”. On the third tennis player Andy Murray. Among women the winner of best buttocks was the model Jennifer Metcalfe.

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