Belarusian participant of Eurovision not part with the wolf

Белорусский участник Евровидения не расстается с волчицей

On the red carpet at the entrance to “Izvestia Hall” Ivan appeared, along with the wolf by Shakira, with whom he is going to go to Stockholm.

On 3 April in the Moscow club “Izvestia Hall” was held the gala-concert of “Eurovision 2016”. In the capital, was attended by participants from different countries: Howie Old from Israel, Lydia Isaac from Moldova, Kaliopi from Macedonia, the group Minus One is from Cyprus, Ira Losco came to us from Malta, and Samra Rahimli – from Azerbaijan. Many of them in Moscow – for the first time. As joked the representative of Malta, it is generally in such a big country has never before been.

In a hall the Apple had no place to fall, everyone wanted to be the first to rate songs and performances of participants of “Eurovision”. But the main intrigue of the evening was the question, will show whether your number Belarusian and Ivan (Alexander Ivanov). After all, everybody knows that he’s going to go on stage in Stockholm and naked with the wolves!

Alexander didn’t disappoint fans. On the red carpet he appeared in the company of the she-wolf Shakira, who should go with him on “the Eurovision”. The paparazzi were delighted – such a wild beast in the centre of the capital do not often see! That’s just the wolf, it seems, the flash of cameras did not like, she jerked from side to side, pulling on the leash. After some time the trainer, striding together with Ivanov, managed a bit of a beast to tame.

“It’s her first Grand entrance, – said Ivan to the correspondent of Woman’s Day. She was a little scared, nervous, new smells, people. But nevertheless the wolf to adequately respond to outbreaks, and even having fun taking pictures – we went to the end of the track and posed together. So to sum up: Shakira behaved smartly. In Eurovision, I hope, will not be so many cameras at such a close distance.

– And how you brought the wolf?

Белорусский участник Евровидения не расстается с волчицей

She has a separate machine, very comfortable, with soft padding and enough space to let the wolf feel comfortable.

– Alexander, tell us how did the idea to go on stage with the she wolf?

Белорусский участник Евровидения не расстается с волчицей

– We haven’t had any creative inspiration. Initially, the Belarusian national selection I already made a wolf, in order to Express the idea of unity of man with nature. Then I decided to further develop this idea. Began to think over my way – in what clothes I will look appropriate next to a wolf, went through a bunch of images: if you wear the hide or skin, immediately become the hunter. And this is contrary to the basic idea of unity of man with nature. Then I decided that I should be naked.

– And how was looking for a suitable wolf?

Белорусский участник Евровидения не расстается с волчицей

– We with Victor Jakovlevich Drobysh now most of the time we spend in Moscow, decided to look for a wolf here. Found in the area, she lives there permanently. It is quite adapted to society. Believe me, I have something to compare. Recently in Belarus was off the cards for Eurovision, also with the wolf. His name was Azar, but with him it was harder, maybe because he’s a male, don’t know, but a common language was not easy to find. He constantly tried to have me somewhere to pull, and the wolves, I tell you, is incredibly strong when touch it, feel the hands of all their muscles, muscles. It’s a tank, not a beast. I like the physique is not small, but the wolf me easily pulls behind him.With Shakira, we have been working for about 2-3 weeks. Now she is used to me and rubs against me is a good sign, it means that she liked my smell and she wants to smell the same.

– Tell me, wolf in rehearsals must be fed or Vice versa?

Белорусский участник Евровидения не расстается с волчицей

– A wolf can go without food easily do for about three days. Fed or not is not important. All his reflexes and desires can be understood by his facial expressions. The wolf can grab you not because hungry, he thereby wants to indicate that now it is better not to touch, not to irritate. And this, incidentally, does not hurt.

– Your girl Nastasya Samburski not trying to dissuade you from such a dangerous room?

– Nastasia totally fine with it. I just can’t with the she wolf was introduced, but really want to. It is, incidentally, needs to go with me to Stockholm, I really hope that she will have to go to the finals.

By the way, in contrast to the Belarusians, who gladly talks about the preparation for the contest, our representative Sergey Lazarev uncover the secrets of his idea flatly refuses. At a press conference dedicated to gala-concert, the singer was persuaded all he could, but he refused even to talk about the suit in which he will speak.

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