Накануне свадьбы Анна Седокова пережила сильнейшее эмоциональное потрясение
The singer complained of “hard times.”

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

Anna Sedokova is an example of how it was sometimes difficult to combine motherhood with a career. The singer also acts, writes songs, conducts its business and raising three children, the youngest of whom, a son, Hector, is only two months old. This combination exhausts the actress, as she frankly admitted the other day.

Recently Sedokova took on so many obligations that at some point he found: she has no strength left even to breathe. “This amount of work and complex graphics and emotional turmoil, I did not have had. I just for the evening, they crawled home and fell panting, knowing that sleep I ahead two hours. In the end I had to cancel a planned shooting because it seemed to me no more. Take a picture to Instagram for me was so difficult and exhausting that I just could not raise their hands… Nakata postpartum depression, seeing what’s going on in my life, just turned and walked away, realizing that she had nothing to do here, life’s already done that…” — said Anna.

The singer, however, insists that such an extreme period in her life has come to an end. Soon she will delight fans with fresh songs and surprises. In order to recover Anna took a vacation, and since yesterday it works exclusively with mother.

It is not surprising that the actress is still not married with the father of her third child — Artem Komarov. After all, with such pace of life is simply not enough time to plan and even celebration. By the way, not so long ago in the network appeared the first photos Sedokova with her young fiancé.