Before the death of Anastasia Soltan left a farewell letter

Перед смертью Анастасия Солтан оставила прощальное письмо The successor of the deceased in the accident of a Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg could not come to terms with the death of the parents. She had difficulty recovering after a terrible accident. Your thoughts she shared in social networks. In a post made on the day of her death, Anastasia announced that finally visited the apartment of the mother and father.

    Перед смертью Анастасия Солтан оставила прощальное письмо

    In the night from Thursday to Friday, 22-year-old Anastasia, the heiress of Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Paul Soltan, committed suicide. Her death shocked all the people around her. Just recently, she claimed that she would live, no matter what. Recently, new details have emerged that shed light on the unexpected decision of the victims of the tragedy. In one of my social networks, she actively shared everything that was going on with her. It helped Anastasia to go further and to escape from thinking about the terrible accident, at least for a while.

    Died the daughter of the Chairman of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Paul Soltan

    As it turned out, Anastasia knocked down a divorce from her husband, a marriage which lasted only a few months. The girl claimed that Oleksiy Plotnikov turned away from her. “Many people ask me to know if husband how I feel. Still not the strangers were, they wrote. Answer: “No! 2 months of nothing.” As they say, hobble quietly, and I forget you, heal your legs, I’ll get along,” wrote Soltan.

    Girl friends tried to support her as best I could. They wrote Anastasia’s encouraging comments, which advised her to move on and try not to focus on negative thoughts. Close Soltan believed that such a young and cute girl everything will be okay. But recent publications of the successor of the deceased Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg was disturbed by her surroundings. It seemed that Anastasia deeper and deeper into depression. “You work yourself into a hopeless condition, to walk in a circle their experiences and unanswered questions. Stop! Enough! Understand that you are still your parents,” writes one of the friends of the victims of the tragedy.

    A few days ago, Anastasia went into rehab in the hospital. The girl wanted this and all the forces opposed to the decision of the sister and her husband. She stated that she was hospitalized without all needed – no personal belongings, toiletries and towels. Anastasia suffered while in a health-care setting alone. “At night, of course, I don’t sleep, the show is not to watch, music to listen to, people on the Internet not to talk,” shared the official.

    In another publication told Anastasia that he loves sister Veronica, and her husband Vyacheslav – no. The girl claimed that he was a despot and home life. Similarly, said Soltan, who thought their deceased mother.

    The victim of the tragedy begged my cousin to give her the keys of his parents and the money to start independent life. Anastasia wanted to be back in the atmosphere, familiar from childhood. Apparently, Veronica feared that the visit of the victims of the tragedy at this location could have detrimental effects on her health, so was in no hurry with the implementation of the wishes of the sisters.

    However, on 23 November, a day before the unfortunate incident, She was at my parents ‘ house. Then the girl wrote a post in which he outlined his plans for the future. The Soltan claimed to have not received the money which passed to her friends father. Anastasia was forced to live from hand to mouth, she didn’t even have a decent winter shoes. The victim of the tragedy openly admitted that it was tough being in the apartment of the father and mother.

    “At first it was hard, waiting parents, and now, well, well (dog family – Approx.ed.) sitting in their room. Smells like mom and dad… Before Veronica asked what I want for my birthday, and I replied that nothing. And now I want a gold chain with the letter S. This will be my talisman. I would like a cafe in a dress to go and sit with good people, but I was isolated… a Million rubles I gave at the funeral service for treatment and to life, saw it all, from daddy’s friends (won’t mention who), the money so I never came. It’s a shame more don’t because of the money. It’s a shame that parents in horror what is happening now, what they left their kittens,” wrote Anastasia.

    Apparently, Soltan did not remain long in a good mood. After some heavy thought to it returned. Perhaps, furnished apartments parent really negatively influenced it, as was afraid of her sister. It is also known that in mid-November, Anastasia had tried to commit suicide.

    “On November 16 Nastya made a demonstrative attempt of suicide. And she was taken to a psychiatric hospital. She and I spent a few days of work. Then she was released to rehabilitation. Unfortunately, it turned out that Nastya is mentally ill. She needs help. And it’s not just in the mountain. But Nastia has a chance to adapt successfully, firstly, it is physically to recover and, secondly, to put Nastia healthy boundaries, which it is heavily penalized. This is Veronica and the Glory of “guilty”. And that reaction… But even this does not give the right to behave Nasty, stop,” wrote a friend girl for a few hours before her death.