Before the birth of Tatiana Volosozhar showed spicy photo

Накануне родов Татьяна Волосожар показала пикантное фото
Skater on the eve of the birth of a daughter was left alone.

Tatiana Volosozhar

Photo: @fire_bird Instagram Tatiana Volosozhar

Tatiana Volosozhar shared with fans that are already ready to leave. She has completed courses for future moms and prepared expecting the birth of a baby. To brighten up the tedious wait, the skater runs regularly into the pool. In addition, she has another secret that helps her keep in shape. Volosozhar admitted that simply can not live without massage.

In the microblog athletes appeared racy photos taken during her favorite treatments. “I love massage! But not all masters work with pregnant women. But the master of massage Natasha knows exactly what I can!” — said Volosozhar.

By the way, it so happened that, just before birth Tatiana was alone in the house. Her husband Maxim Trankov was forced to leave Switzerland. Separation of spouses was given a hard time. On arrival, he admitted that he terribly misses his pregnant wife. “My family, I miss you…” — said Maxim.

Ironically not so long ago, Tatiana said in an interview that it is very important that the husband was in the hospital during childbirth. “I want to have Max in the most important moment in the hospital, but not with me in the delivery room. I and the competition has used itself to tune. I do not have to keep the hand…” — she said. However, the couple still hope that I will have time to reunite for the birth.