Накануне родов Глафира Тарханова впервые показала мужа
The actress shared a rare family shot.

Glafira Tarhanova and Alexey Faddeev

Glafira Tarhanova and her husband Alexey Fadeev — rare visitors on secular parties. Acting couple, to put it mildly, not often pleases fans of his appearance at premieres or festivals. And in social networks Glafira with her husband and certainly not show the audience their relationship. Only recently, the star of the series “Betrayal,” is now in “position,” showed fans in his first joint with Alexei photo.

Rare family picture was taken on the way on holiday with friends Glafira, celebrating your wedding anniversary. “So I saw, finally, your husband!”, “Are we saw you. Lovely couple”, “Glafira, you look great, I wish you happiness,” wrote Tarhanova.

Glafira and Alex met many years ago on the set of the painting “Main caliber”. Tarkhanov has received a proposal of marriage only six months after the first date. Since then their family has expanded significantly: they had three sons, the Roots, Gordey and yermolai. Pictures of children Glafira also does not publish to the Network. By the way, the first birth Tarhanova were in the hospital, while all subsequent were home. So it is possible that a fourth child Glafira will be having a home birth.