Before his death, the star of “Teacher” Egor Konaev was in a hurry to the family

Перед смертью звезда «Физрука» Егор Клинаев торопился к семье Paulina Kaminska has shared touching memories of the actor who tragically passed away on September 27. According to the woman, since the childhood knew Egor, he always stood out against their peers. Future actor seemed very serious and self-sufficient.
Перед смертью звезда «Физрука» Егор Клинаев торопился к семье

In late September, has died 18-the summer actor of the series “Fizruk” Egor Cliniv. A young man was killed in a massive crash at night on the ring road collided with three cars. Egor stopped to see if assistance to other drivers. Konaev was hit by another car whose driver did not notice the accident.

Intimate young man could not believe what happened. Konaev was considered a promising actor. Egor recently finished shooting the TV series “the Street”, and played “Teacher” with Dmitry nagievym. It seemed that the whole world is open to boys, but his plans never materialized. Pauline Kaminska, a family friend, Greg, shared with reporters memories of the artist.

“He was a man with a big heart”: how do remember Yegor Clineva close

Перед смертью звезда «Физрука» Егор Клинаев торопился к семье

The first time the woman saw the future of the actor when he was three months old. The boy was born in Saratov, in a family of musicians Dmitry and Natalia Linevich. Then they moved to Moscow and invited Pauline and her family stay in their home when they decided to change their place of residence. Parents of Yegor worked a lot to survive. Sometimes Kaminska nursed the boy.

When Greg was a year old, the parents decided to baptize her son. Exactly Pauline got the role of a second mother of the child. Woman responsibly godmother: she went to confession, took communion, read a lot of books on the subject. The sacrament was held in the Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos in Veshnyaki.

“I carried Egorka on his hands, the priest asked: a boy or a girl, and then said that it would be good to have a boy after all, was the godfather. Asked with a smile: “And the men with them you not there?”. They Say: “There”. And ran to her husband Vlad. And as a husband and wife can not be godparents of one child, my role ended there. Suddenly Vlad was the godfather instead of me. But since then I still feel responsible for Yegor,” – said Pauline.

Kaminska notes that the future actor was very smart and from an early age knew what he wanted.

“He was only a year, but then I noticed that he is not capricious, open and, you know, even at that time, self-sufficient little man. Do you tell him that it is time to sleep, and he asks for nothing, just looks at you with big eyes and not to obey, and if he makes a decision – Yes, we go wash up and sleep,” recalls Pauline.
Перед смертью звезда «Физрука» Егор Клинаев торопился к семье

The woman admitted that she had never met such a serious and self-sufficient kid like Egor. According to Pauline, she knows what he’s talking about – she has four heirs.

Перед смертью звезда «Физрука» Егор Клинаев торопился к семье“Egor was not only serious, but also very trusting and open. Natasha and Dima often recall the story: at 13 years Egor has already starred in the movie, and when the crew had to return to Moscow, by any chance Greg bought a ticket with the wrong date, and in the end it so happened that it landed on the station. And he’s not afraid, not sisterin – Egor really was very brave,” shared friend of the family Linevich.

Then the boy helped the working of the railway, which was nearby. “He trusted passerby not from stupidity, but just really realized that this is a man you can trust” – says Polina. According to Kaminsky, this behavior was typical for Egor.

“And now the credulity and love of life gave him the aura of a bright, bright person. Remember all that he really filled the life with light in early childhood before the tragic end,” she said.
Перед смертью звезда «Физрука» Егор Клинаев торопился к семье

Kaminska said that the young actor was a very sociable person. Family say that Yegor always came to the aid of anyone who needed it. “He remained indifferent,” said Pauline. According to Kaminskaya, Clineva wasn’t materialistic desires. “He was in the movie not to his face flashed on the screen” – sure that.

Friends of Yegor believe that for 18 years he lived the life of an adult. In the first place for Clineva were close friends, he still talked about his mother and called her the best. The parents of the artist were worried about him and advised to be careful.

“In the spring of Yegor turned 18, mom and dad always told him to be careful driving because he worked in a very busy schedule. Someone from friends of Yegor in Instagram wrote about it, that night he didn’t want to stay because he promised to be home early. I think that stopping the car, he remembered about it, just wanted to know if everything was okay, and then move on. Your heart is huge I wanted to cover,” said Kaminska.

The funeral service for the actor was held in the Church of St. Dimitry Donskoy in Butovo. To say goodbye to Egor came to his colleagues, friends and fans.

“At the funeral of Natasha requested that we talked about Egor funny stories. And someone said that it feels like he’s gonna walk in and say, “Hey, guys, why are you so sad? Come quickly smiled!” We all feel he’s somewhere here, he left to live in every song, in stories and memories, in the movies. I think the sense that people being alive is proof of eternal life,” says Kaminska.

Friends of the actor are unable to come to terms with his death. They believe that the artist continues to exist on the screen and in memories. Pauline said in an interview to “Orthodoxy and the world”, that foresees a meeting with Egor in heaven she will say, “Come on, Paula, tell me about all your news and events!”.