Before his death, the Prince had not slept for six days in a row

Перед смертью Принс не спал шесть суток кряду

The mysterious death of the famous singer Prince far raises more questions than answers. Assumptions of why the accident happened, but what exactly was the cause of his death so no one knows. My sister’s husband by Maurice Phillips told reporters that in recent times his brother-in-law suffered from insomnia, and the last six days before death not sleep at all.

“He was a very good man and an excellent brother-in-law. We met with him last weekend. He has worked for 154 hours continuously,” said Maurice, and suggested that the cause of insomnia could be medical drugs.
Phillips reported that Prince for a long time was taking strong painkillers prescribed to him by the attending physician. It is believed that it is because of side effects of this drug singer was urgently hospitalized during the emergency landing last week. By the way, the doctors insisted that the artist stayed with them for a few days, but he was discharged from the medical institution and went home.
Do not exclude also the version about overdose of drugs. A drug dealer recently gave an interview in which has told that the singer was a regular customer of his for 25 years. Since 1984, the Prince transferred him over 28 thousand pounds. As a rule, the singer bought potent opioids. Perhaps exhausted by the protracted flu, the body simply could not stand the stress and insomnia. The point in this eerie mystery to be supplied by the coroner.

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