Перед смертью Марьянова наказывали за проступки сотрудники реабилитационного центра His roommate told about the last hours of the life of an actor. Within a few weeks Dmitry Maryanov was treated in a specialized institution where people are trying to overcome alcohol or drug dependence.
Перед смертью Марьянова наказывали за проступки сотрудники реабилитационного центра

The star of the movie “Above the rainbow” Dmitry Maryanov passed away last fall. The actor died from a torn blood clot. Last week, the artist was in rehab. Some time Maryanov lived in the house with another guy Boris Kotov, who was treated from drug addiction. Patient medical institutions told how they were kept there.

According to him, the family paid for each of the patients different amounts of money, but it did not improve the conditions in which they lived on site. As Boris says, Maryanov went to the clinic voluntarily.

“But to go went and go could not any more. In my eyes he was collecting things, demanded his release – but he replied that the course is not finished. He said that he had a rehearsal should be with Gosha Kutsenko, and they answer: “Dima, you can’t quit, rate from one month to six months”. He wanted to call the wife – selected mobile. For 10 days he was with her only twice and talked on the phone,” shared the man.

Boris was present at the time when Maranova had an attack of epilepsy. Since the actor was treated for alcohol dependence, and the center was forbidden alcohol, he became ill.

“Employees of the center gave him a strong sleeping pill that is not sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Usually a half tablet is enough to knock a grown man. And he swallowed whole. He drank, and he became ill. Started condition resembling delirium tremens. Center volunteers panic raised: we have to save or die. And he began stabbing the sleeping pills. Just as the pig was stabbed! Only six cubes of medication every two hours. He specifically tore the roof. He then fell asleep, then woke up and said, “I’m home, where She” Glitches, brad carried. At times I couldn’t figure out where it is. This went on for several hours. Then came to. But to inject drugs, he continued, only the dosage reduced. From time to time, he became quite inadequate,” – said Boris.

In rehab all dependent received punishment, if guilty. Thus, the employees were forced to write several times the same phrase. For example, if a person swore, he had to fill out a sheet with the lines: “My speech is pure, my speech is pure.” According to Boris, Maryanov also sometimes broke the rules, for what many wrote.

“Maryanov was given tasks and punishments like all. He could be withering. Also involved in the writings. Type this as the training on subcortical recorded. Us and Marjanovi had to sit in the sweltering heat, sometimes we just choked. Used there different trainings. For example, the eye you tie, and you have three days of living like a blind man. If you remove the blindfold and write all night. Can mute you. Stick with the mouth, and you are unable to communicate with anyone. If you someone spoke up in the night to write. I seven days of silence… a Psychologist, of course, worked with patients, but the basis of the so-called rehabilitation of the center – the system of various punishments and the suppression of the will”, – said Boris.

The man does not know exactly how he died actor, as in last days Dimitri was in a single room. Cats were discharged, and the Maryanov gave him instructions. “We mentally said goodbye, he wrote me an autograph: “Be healthy! Hold on!” However, he said that very sore leg and back. Asked volunteers to call him a chiropractor. But talked him out of it. As he was dying, I didn’t see. The guy friend who stayed there told me that an Ambulance was not called long, although he complained of pain in his leg, in pain, moaning. And then I lost consciousness. Only then did the volunteers in the Ambulance was called, but then called and cancelled – apparently didn’t want the publicity. My buddy saw Maranova carried from the center of blue,” said Boris in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.