“Beetlejuice 2” is not

«Битлджуса-2″ не будет

Last week we reported that Tim Burton is finally going to repeat the success of his brainchild called “Baldios” and to film its sequel. It was known that the performance of their roles will return Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton.

Unfortunately for moviegoers, particularly for fans of Burton, “Beetlejuice 2” is not. This was officially declared by the representative of the Director. At the moment, even the idea of a sequel to “Beetlejuice” is not developed, because the head of the filmmaker is busy with other projects – “House of strange children” and “Dumbo”.

We will remind, “House of strange children” — adventure-fantasy-horror, in which we will talk about the strange inhabitants of the orphanage. Among its inhabitants a girl who could hold fire in their hands, the girl whose feet never touched the earth, the invisible boy and the twins who knew how to communicate without words.

Currently film is under post-production.

The world picture will be presented in autumn this year.

In addition 56-year-old Creator will record the “Dumbo” — the story of the little elephant from the circus who was born with very large ears. Despite the ridicule, the elephant still came out the winner in that situation because, unlike the others, knew how to fly.

The script for the new cartoon will write Eren Kruger, who was the author of three “Transformers”, the producer of the tale will be Justin Springer (“Oblivion,” “Tron: Legacy”).

Unlike the original film, Burton will be playing with animation.

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