«Пчела» из «Бригады» увел невесту у лучшего друга Mikhail Gorevoy openly talked about how the best friend, the famous artist Pavel Maikov, stole his beloved woman. With actress Maria Saffo Gorevoy had an affair right after my divorce. However, the woman chose him the star of “Teams”.
«Пчела» из «Бригады» увел невесту у лучшего друга

The guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi became a famous actor, Director Mikhail Gorevoy. He openly spoke about his personal life, the betrayal of a close friend and how found marital happiness only after forty years.

Gorevoy career was always successful, he successfully starred in the movie, made friends with many Hollywood stars several years lived in the United States, he founded his own theatre. But personal life of the artist was full of failures and losses.

The first wife of Michael was the actress Anna Margolis. According to Gorevoy, he fell in love at first sight in future wife. They lived together 14 years, married and had children, Darya and Dmitri. However, the couple collapsed overnight, as soon as Michael became a lot of time to devote to work, Anna has not made a success of a famous spouse.

“I don’t know, probably ran out of gas in the relationship. Everything has a beginning and an end. Jammed relationship. It’s amazing, I have all happened in a moment. The fact that we went with my wife, I absolutely made. I just lay, and I, by that time, was the theatre, everything is there, but do not want to live. Collapsed family. It’s now that you’re older, you know: better change something better change. Died, died. It is not necessary to do artificial respiration to a dead man,” said Gorevoy.
«Пчела» из «Бригады» увел невесту у лучшего друга

Into despair, fate brought Michael with a new lover, actress Maria Saffo, who played in his theatre. As admitted Gorevoy, young actress comforted and supported him. And he planned to put her with not one play, but again the bad. Maria had an affair with his best friend Michael Paul Mike, the one who played the bandit “Bee” in the acclaimed TV series “Brigada”. For Gorevoy double betrayal was a major blow, to recover from that he can’t still.

“Well, what can you do? All right, all balanced. But I had a successful career. Mike was not just a friend, he was like a younger brother. Love is the feeling with the taste of blood on his lips. I am not interested in what happened between them. Besides, I can’t see what they were doing. This story threw me high. I, like a rocket, flew into the stratosphere. To pay for everything. I now feel much more confident and abroad, and at work,” shared Michael.

Michael admitted that after the betrayal radically changed his life. According to him, he quit Smoking, began to respect the day and stopped trying to change women. The actor told the host that is now completely happy, but the name of the new lady Gorevoy chose to hide.